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10 Manufacture of food products
04.12.2021 to 06.12.2021
info [at] arvani.com.cy

GASTRONOMIA HοReCa is the professional Exhibition for the catering and equipment of Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, Tourist Units, Catering and Entertainment Area. The exhibition that has managed to become a pole of attraction and a meeting point for professionals in the food, hotel and tourism industry is organized by Arvani Exhibition Ltd since 1995 usually once every two years. This year exhibition will be the 21st.

The exhibition’s visitors come from the food, hotel and tourism industry with owners, but also managers, food and beverage managers and buyers of hotel units, restaurants, cafes, bakeries and general catering and entertainment venues, chefs, cooks and bakers and confectioners, bartenders, winemakers, chambermaids, and generally people who work in relevant fields as well as the public interested in the subject. Their aim is to get informed on new and innovative solutions, technologies and styles, new products of the supply market, in order to modernise, equip or renovate their businesses.

The exhibition can be attended by companies in the fields of food, beverages, coffee, coffee machines, raw materials and cooking ready-made products, confectionery and bakery, restaurant equipment, hotels, bakeries and confectioneries, general machineries, freezers, water treatment, packaging, wrappers, disposable products, hygiene products, accessories, uniforms, commercial vehicles, tableware, kitchen utensils, and generally everything related to food, beverages and food equipment. Also companies in the areas of cleaning systems and relative products, indoor & outdoor furniture, mattresses, carpets and upholstery, linen and fabrics, cosmology items (amenities), pool products and services, SPA, lighting, electrical equipment and lighting studies as well as decoration items, shading systems, floors and paving, tourist items and gifts, telecommunications systems, audio and video equipment, software and network systems, cooling, heating, energy and environmental management systems, building materials, sanitary ware and bathroom accessories, sports equipment and accessories, design and maintenance services for gardens, nurseries and garden equipment, and generally everything related to the construction, maintenance and operation of hotels and tourist facilities.


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