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A Slovenian start-up company, producer of innovative low-alcoholic beverage “seltzer”, is looking for business cooperation with beverage brewing and bottling plants (eg. breweries and other bottling plants) in Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy or Poland.

The start-up company for the production and distribution of beverages, consisting of experienced entrepreneurs with many years of experience in various fields, has launched a new type of low-alcohol beverage called "seltzer" on the Slovenian market in 2020, which has become very popular in recent years, especially in the USA. 

It is a drink based on carbonated water with alcohol (approx. 4 vol%), obtained by fermentation, without added sugar and other sweeteners, carbohydrates and gluten, and with added flavors.

The young entrepreneurial team developed seltzer with 5 different flavors:
- Seltzer with mango and mandarin flavor
- Lemongrass and green tea flavored seltzer
- Lemon and elderberry-flavored seltzer
- blueberry and mint flavored seltzer
- seltzer with red orange and ginger flavor

The drink is filled in 0.33 l cans.

The drink quickly established itself on the Slovenian market and is now spreading across EU countries. Therefore, the demand for this product and consequently the production is growing. The company is currently filling its product in Slovenia, but their production capacities are already almost 100% occupied. 

Therefore, they are looking for the possibility of business cooperation with beverage bottling plants (eg breweries and other bottling plants) in the neighbouring countries (Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy and Poland), which could offer them beverage production services according to their own developed recipe and bottling (in cans) under manufacturing or outsourcing agreement.


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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Friday, 23 September, 2022