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The Chinese high-tech enterprise is situated in Hangzhou, with core audio and video technologies and intellectual property rights. The company is a social entertainment live broadcast platform focused on a broad group of young and middle-aged users.

Located in eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou and founded in 2012, the Chinese high-tech enterprise boasts of its core audio and video technologies and intellectual property rights. The company has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and other places, with its business expanded all over in China and to many countries in Southeast Asia, North America and Africa.

The company aims to empower various vertical industries such as entertainment, e-commerce, education, and government affairs, etc. Since its development, by virtue of an audio and video interactive service platform based on Cloud computing and big data, it has successively obtained hundreds of millions of strategic investment in CNY from top investment institutions. The company runs live-streaming business separately focused on entertainment, e-commerce, education, business and others, and is committed to providing users with one-stop audio and video technology solutions through a rich product matrix.

The company is a social entertainment live-streaming platform focused on an extensive group of young and middle-aged users, using the talent skills of Internet influencer anchors as an entry point for operation, and continuously extending to lifestyles, culture, e-commerce and other fields. In 2016, the business expanded, and based on the methodology of connecting the anchors with the audiences, the company started to provide more user-friendly and easy-to-link interactive experience. Then it relied on the advantages in live-streaming entertainment and built a social e-commerce platform to cultivate a high-quality product supply chain system, opening up the channels of the e-commerce industry chain. Lady anchor groups are taken as the entry point to provide a one-stop platform with taste, quality and character for women, and major product categories cover beauty, clothing, shoes and bags, and snacks, etc.

The number of registered users on all the platforms of the company has exceeded 150 million, with more than 200,000 registered anchors and more than 600 cooperative brokerage companies. The company aims to take full advantage of the existing live-streaming system, deeply integrate e-commerce, corporate live-streaming and other business formats, and innovate the new ecology of entertainment plus e-commerce live-streaming service.

With the company's market research, online shopping in China of cosmetics and beauty products, especially such behavior via live-streaming is growing at a high speed. Therefore, it seeks to identify potential European cosmetics and beauty brands for cooperation via a distribution or commercial agency agreement.


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