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Austrian innovator seeks a manufacturing partner in order to bring a highly modular power strip system to market.

The company which is located in southern Austria has invested considerable resources to develop and patent an innovative power strip concept. This concept combines a well-known basic technology with new possibilities and functionalities for end users. 

USPs for this concept are
- design
- flexibility
- and functionality.
It is very easy to create an individual power strip system module by module and implement different functionalities. 

Functionalities can be for example USB charger, DLAN, lighting module, ammeter, sound module, alarm system and many more and the system can be easily operated via an app from a mobile phone. The power strip can also be built around corners. 

Now, the company is starting talks with potential distributors and the company needs to take the next steps: prepare for trial production and trial market test and go on to produce and market. In order to do so it is looking for a partner under a manufacturing agreement, preferably an electrical engineering company already using injection molding and metal processing technology which can also financially contribute to bringing the new product to market.


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Enterprise Europe Network Latvia
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Saturday, 12 February, 2022